A couple of things before Sunday’s meme……
  Did you change your clocks…Spring forward.  When I woke up this morning, because some clocks were adjusted some not,  and not being fully awake, I was a little confused lol.
  Thank you to all that stopped by and visited yesterday.  I enjoyed reading all of your comments!!!!
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Slapdash Sunday is a day for your proverbial week ‘leftovers.’ Is there something you wanted to say, but just forgot? Is there something you want to write about, but isn’t worth a whole page? Do you have a random thought, funny or otherwise that needs to be written down?

That is what Slapdash Sunday is for!

In my travels yesterday around the blogosphere, I visited Reading With Tequila’s Blog site and she had a Poll where she asked her readers what book she should read next.  The survey tool was from a site called Polldaddy……my question is this……how and where do you find cute little extras to put on your blog?  Is it from other sites that you have visited like I did?  Or are there sites that offer bloggers tools to work with?
I am so behind in my reading this week so my plan is to get a couple more things done and then I plan to spend the rest of the day READING AND RELAXING !!!! 

Relax and Read Weekend

6 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I think I remember all of our clocks last night, but it always seems like I'll discover one I missed a few days later.

    I discover things like Poll Daddy and Mister Linky from other blogs.

  2. Happy Slapdash Sunday! Sounds like you have a great day of reading and relaxing planned. I will probably be doing the same but sub "blogging" for reading.

    To answer your question, it's both. I have found some at Blogger tools sites but mostly from seeing them at other blogs.

  3. CMash, I have questions like that, too, about where people find things for their blog. Wouldn't it be neat if someone did a meme where we all did a post telling some little helpful tidbit about blogging? No matter how menial it might seem to us, someone else may find it helpful. I guess that has nothing to do with books though, so maybe that wouldn't fly.

  4. Bermudaonion: oops just remembered to change the clock on the coffee pot. thanks for that comment because I double checked everything after you made that comment.

    Midday: and its the perfect type of day to read…raining here in New England.

    Lynne: I agree with you, especially since I am not computer savvy, I wouldn't even know where to look.

  5. hmmm, i usually go to for some of my gadgets but other than that, i get most of my ideas for new stuff from other people's blog. It sounds like stealing doesn't

  6. Happy Sunday!!

    Most of the clocks in our house reset themselves, so I had a ball staying up until 2 this morning and watching the clock go from 1am to 3am. LOL

    The little things that amuse me 😀

    As for those little extra blog goodies, I guess I just find them everywhere! If I find something that particularly interests me, I'll put it on my site and see how it works-I usually find my extras from other blogs, too.

    Don't worry about the reading-I'm EXTREMELY behind as well >.<

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

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