Fall Into Reading (2 of 2)

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This Week’s Question:
And now, for question #2…
What do you think about e-books? Do you engage in e-reading or do you prefer to stick to good ol’ physical books?
My Answer:
I had wanted an EReader for awhile, even before finding this neighborhood of book blogging/reviewing.  And around November/December we found out that I needed another back surgery,  hubby felt so bad that he bought me one.  He is a Sony fan so he ordered the Sony EReader.  At first it was a little hard getting used to but I learned quickly.  It was so much easier and less cumbersome taking it where I went compared to a PB/HC, easier holding it while reading in bed.  Other pluses, in my opinion, are the prices of EBooks and the fact that we live in a world of “instant” technology.  If I see great reviews from many bloggers, I just open the EReader and within seconds, have the book.  The only thing I don’t like, if I am reading a really good can’t put down book, the battery needs to be recharged often.  However, I do like the smell of a new book, the noise of turning a page, the look of books in a bookcase.  So as of today I would have to say that I am a 50/50.

5 thoughts on “Fall Into Reading (2 of 2)

  1. I have 2 eReaders plus an iPad and find that I rarely use them. I think there's a part of me that likes to have a tangible item when I make a purchase, if that makes sense. I can see where an eReader would be very handy for you or for someone who travels a lot though.

  2. I must agree!! Absolutely! I also love that my hands don't ache from holding the book….
    My only issues are:
    1- it's harder to share
    2- though i see the page I'm on of how many there are. it's not always as satisfying as being on the last page…

  3. I am a 50/50 reader too. When I first started book blogging in April I was really dead-set against ebooks, but then hubby got me a Nook in July and I haven't looked back! You've seen my IMM posts, haven't you?!? LOL

  4. OOPS forgot about those darn batteries… Hmmm where was my brains… as you can see the only battery that need recharging are my brain cells that tend to forget essentials like BATTERIES! Still reading old style.. lamp on.. lamp off.. book on my face.. fell asleep reading again 🙂

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