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Today’s muse:
What is the longest book you have ever read? How long did it take you to read it?

My response:
To be honest, I can’t remember.  It must have been one that was mandatory reading in HS because, what I do remember, is that I bought Cliff Notes on a couple of occasions. I do have quirks with books greater than 300+ pages.  I’m sure it’s mind over matter and recently did read a book that was 438 pages that proved me wrong.  I start to think anything greater than 300 will take me so much more time to read, taking away time from other books.  Or what if I invest all that time and it turns out to be a soso book?

The book that proved me wrong was Love Thy Neighbor by Mark Gilleo, a book I read for a tour I booked through Partners In Crime Tours.  You can see my review here.  It proved me wrong on so many levels.  I remember thinking it had 3 strikes when I picked it up, one being 438 pages, a storyline about terrorism (not high on my list) and a debut novel.  The publisher did tell me he was “very excited about this book” so I hunkered down for a very long read.  However, the plot was page turning, the debut read like it was written by a seasoned author and the 438 pages….thinking it would take me weeks to read…..turned out that I read it in a couple of days because I couldn’t put it down.  Even though this book proved me wrong, I have since received some review books that are >350 pages and that little quirk is still present.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. I’m a little late getting my MM posted today. I am reading an older book by Barbara Delinsky, “Lake News” this week. It is 514 pages but so far it is an exciting and fun read.

  2. I’m thinking about buying Roses, another book by the author of Tumbleweeds. The only thing stopping me is that it’s 608 pages. I forgot to check the page count on Tumbleweeds and was shocked to see it has 480, but they both sound so good!

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