Doors Open by Ian Rankin

Doors Open by Ian Rankin  (Rating 0)

Published by Reagan Arthur Books/Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 978-0-316-02478-5
At the request of The Hachette Book Club, a HC copy was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest review.
  Synopsis:  (From the book’s jacket) Three friends descend upon an art auction. Software mogul Mike Mackenzie wants something money can’t buy. Banker Allan Cruickshank is burdened by a painful divorce. And Robert Gissing, an art professor, is frustrated by paintings hidden away in private hands. In a conversation over drinks, the three seize on an impossible, unthinkable, suddenly inevitable idea: steal the art. There has to be a way.
  My opinion and rating: This is my opinion and my opinion only. I was unable to finish this book. I read close to 75 pages and nothing pulled me in to the storyline. I had to keep rereading paragraphs due to fact that I found it to be boring. I am used to reading mysteries and/or suspense where there is something gripping within the first few chapters and that wasn’t the case with this book. Mr. Rankin is a best selling author and I am sure that other’s will have a different opinion of Doors Open but for this reader, it was not something I enjoyed.  (Rating 0)

3 thoughts on “Doors Open by Ian Rankin

  1. I tried so hard to push forward with this book but it just didn't grip me. This was the hardesst review I had to write but I had to be honest. I was disappointed because up to this book, all the past requested reads were really good and found authors that I would never have picked up.

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