Super Bowl

Happy Super Bowl Sunday !!!!!!  What are your plans today?  Do you enjoy football?
I am not a sports fan but I usually just watch for the new commercials.  Hubby is making his “famous chili and we will have other picky food.  In between the commercials I will be reading, eating and listening to my guys yelling at the tv.
I think I have most of kinks out of my Feedburner newsletter, at least I hope so.  I am not sure if you need to resubscribe as it might be a different code.
                                                Relax and Read Weekend
For those who aren’t watching the game, then try to have a Relax and Read Sunday!  Happy Reading all!

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl

  1. I love college football, but rarely watch the NFL. We'll have the game on today, so I'm sure I'll see some of it, but I'll probably be in bed before it's over.

  2. The Big Guy aka hubby, will be in the recliner watching it, I'm sure. Unless it's the Pats, I can't be bothered! Got a lot of reading to do.

  3. LOL You two are spending today the same way I am.
    Happy Reading !!!! Those watching the game don't know what their missing…reading is much more fun !

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