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This week’s question:
The flip side of last week’s …
Are there any good books that you read IN SPITE OF the cover and ended up wondering what on earth the artist and publisher were thinking to pair up a cover that so badly represented a perfectly good book?
And … if you didn’t like the cover, what made you pick up the book? The author? Assigned reading from school? A recommendation from a friend?

My answer:
Unfortunately, yes.  And quite a few.  BB (before blogging), I will admit, when purchasing a book, I would first pick up a book because of it’s cover and then read the synopsis.  Unless it was a writer that was on my “authors to read” list.

However, for the past 3 years, since becoming an active participant in the online book blogging community and accepting requests to review,  it’s the synopsis and/or reviews from other bloggers that influence  me.   After receiving said books,  there have been a few times where I have thought, “what were they thinking?”  I also wonder if the cover is any indication of what kind of read it is going to be.  And in those circumstances when the book is a 4-5 star, I then think “the cover is going to hurt the sales of a book” putting myself in a consumer’s “shoes”.  Even though I loved the book, I know I would have missed out on a good read if I saw it on the shelves.

In my opinion, even though you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, when I see a poorly designed cover, I automatically think that the caliber of writing will probably be amateurish especially in today’s market where anyone can self publish.

What about you?  Do covers influence you?  Have you read a 5 star novel but hate the cover?   What are your thoughts on poorly designed covers?

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  1. When I have author interviews I always ask about the interaction and how much involvement they have with the artists. I find the ones that have some say or the artist is a fan they work better.

    I told one author his book won’t get read due to the cover but it was an erotic book and he thanked me and said he agreed.

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