2021 Wrap Up


I guess that saying is correct that the year flew by. I know it did for me, but as I look back, it just doesn’t feel that much got accomplished especially when it came to my reading. Can you say MAJOR SLUMP? It also, seems to me, that the past couple of years have been a new normal that I haven’t quite gotten used to.

When we all were faced with COVID and mandated to stay home and masked, my husband decided that he would be the one who went to get our necessities at the grocery store and pharmacy due to my underlying conditions. And then it looked like, just maybe that it was getting better and then we got hit with the Delta variant and Omicron.

When all this started I thought I would be breezing through books to occupy myself while self quarantined. Well….that didn’t happen, the opposite did and it ran into 2021. Another bad year with the amount of reading I did (see graphics below). I do know some of the reasons why but I just can’t get out of this slump. And it has nothing to do with the books I am reading because the book I am “currently” reading is by an author that I wait patiently for her “next book” every year.

A few of the other reasons that I think hindered my reading time this year was that Partners In Crime Tours (PICT) was extremely busy, which is a good thing, so a lot of my time went in that direction. Scrolling on my phone to check out social media every now and then, OK, maybe more than “now and then” doesn’t help. Another bump in the road was that we didn’t have a great summer here in RI, which is the time frame where I do a lot of reading. I get on my pool float, grab my book, float away and read. This is one place where I don’t do any scrolling but do get a lot of reading done and work on my tan.

And then the one thing that definitely changed my reading habits was my health. For quite a while I hadn’t felt well but couldn’t put my finger on just one thing as I had a myriad of symptoms, which landed me in the hospital for over a week in October and have had several setbacks since but over the past week or so, have had some better days.

But I’m planning on making 2022 my reading year!!! I have already signed up for Reading Challenges, which I hope will get me on a better path starting January 1st, and if you know me, then you know I love Reading challenges!!!!! I also plan on participating in Read-A-Thons to get me back on track and hopefully keep me accountable to read and track my progress. Matter of fact, I will be participating in the Bout Of Books 33 (#boutofbooks) starting tomorrow through the 9th. I will also be relying on Bookly (see one of the graphics in this post) to keep me in check to read my allotted time, or more, every day. If any one would like to purchase a Bookly Pro, please let me know as I do have discount coupons for it.

I hope I don’t jinx myself, but yesterday I did get in some quality reading time. YAY!!! Could it be???? Has the slump ended? I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!!


So here is to 2022!!!!

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  1. I told get what you mean with a new normal you’re not quite used to. I feel that way too. Hopefully 2022 will start to look up a little bit more.

    I’m excited to participate in BoB this time around. It’s been a few years since I have. I’m hoping it’ll jump start my reading for the year. I hope you have fun with BoB too and can make 2022 a great reading year!

    Come on over to my blog and say hi back! See you around!

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