BIG CITY HEAT by David Burnsworth (Review)

BIG CITY HEAT by David Burnsworth
Series: Brack Pelton Mystery (Book 3)
Genre: Mystery
Published by Henry Press
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
ISBN: 9781635111996
Pages: 212
Review Copy From: Author/PICT
Edition: ARC Kindle
My Rating: 5/5

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Lowcountry bar owner and ex-Marine Brack Pelton heads to Atlanta in the wake of a panicked 3 AM phone call. A woman is missing and Brack’s friend Mutt is in danger. Brack’s old flame, investigative news correspondent Darcy Wells, now lives there and is set to marry another man. If Brack was honest with himself, and he usually wasn’t, he’d realize that the missing woman isn’t the reason for his visit. His Semper Fi buddy Mutt can handle himself just fine.

When Brack and Mutt team up to find the woman, the Atlanta underworld revolts, the two biggest players target them, and people start dying. Most people would size up the situation, call it impossible, and walk away. But most people are not Brack Pelton. Impossible situations are his specialty. He made it through Afghanistan and when the military commanders mistook suicidal tendencies for leadership qualities they promoted him. Can Brack succeed at finding the woman, protecting his friend, and winning the girl without destroying the Capital of the South? Not since Sherman’s march across Georgia has the city of Atlanta been in this much danger.

My Thoughts and Opinion:

I read the novella, BLU HEAT recently and knew that this was an author, and series, that I wanted to read more of. I then had the opportunity to read BIG CITY HEAT and was not disappointed. Even though I read these books out of sequence, they easily read as a stand alone.

Brack Pelton will do anything for his friends, so when the call comes in to help locate a missing sister, he is on it. However, he quickly learns that this isn’t an ordinary missing person case.

This book has non-stop palpable action. Drugs, sex trade, illegal imports, underworld, death, a little romance and even some humor at times since Pelton can be a bit sarcastic. During some scenes, I found myself holding my breath and trying to read faster.

Descriptive writing that allows the reader to vividly create imagery. A definite page turner that I highly recommend. I am looking forward to reading the books in this series that I need to catch up with and any future books that this author writes!

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